Sunday, November 06, 2011

Day 2 – Tell us about your job

I am currently working as a Nanny for a family with 3 kids. (But only for a little bit, then I will be a full time mommy!) I will not put their names or pictures for the privacy of the family. 

The oldest is a 5 year old girl. She just started kindergarten and I think she is loving it! 
The next is a 3 year old boy. We are working on potty training, and he gets so proud of himself when he makes it!
The youngest is a 8 month old boy. He is so sweet and loving, and smiles all the time. 

When I get there at 7:30, I help getting the oldest ready for school. Then around 8:15 we take her to school. Getting the 3 kids in and out of the car is the hardest part for me being 7 months pregnant. And I only have room for 3 car seats, so they are pretty cozy in the back! When I get back with the boys, the baby takes a nap. Most mornings I then get the 3 year old ready for the day. Then we watch a movie and color. He is also learning his shapes and is learning quickly. I give him a snack around 10. At 10:45, I wake up the baby and we go get the girl from school. Then when we get back I prepare lunch. I usually feed the baby first and let him play in his highchair while the others eat. Then at 12:00 I put the 3 year old down for his nap and at 12:30/1:00 I put the baby down. This is when I get to spend time with the girl. Now, the bigger I get, the more tired I become, so she usually lets me take a little nap, and she lies with me watching a movie. She likes to have some quiet time, but it "too big" to take a nap. When I get up, we color or she goes downstairs and plays. When the boys get up, we try to play a game or do some sort of craft. We do that till 5:00 when mom gets home. 



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