Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Turning 30!

This is the birthday I've been waiting for!! My mom told me a long time ago that her 30's were her favorite years. She felt like an adult finally but still felt young physically. Ever since then, I couldn't wait to be 30! Now, I will say that so far, I haven't felt much different. (But it's only been 17 days) And for the first time ever, I'm ok with that. (I usually expect to feel older on my birthday and I'm always disappointed when I don't.) When I look back on my life, I realize, that it keeps getting better and that I have been incredibly blessed (even when I didn't deserve it). I still have trials and bumps in my path, but I honestly feel like I have started learning from them and stopped being distracted by them. I did a little break down for each decade in my life on Facebook "1-10...learned to walk and talk, had a brother, Bryant, lived in 3 states (Utah, Massachusetts, New Jersey) started school, had another brother, Andrew 10-20...had a sister, Tricia, moved across country, survived Jr. High and High School, learned to drive, dated. 20-30.... got engaged and married to the love of my life, got over my biggest fear, moved (A LOT), owned 2 homes, had 5 dogs, visited state #40 (only 10 more to go!), struggled with depression and anger do to fertility problems, had 2 beautiful children! It's safe to say my life keeps getting better and that I can do anything with faith, family and friends!! Bring on the 30s!!!"  

I could expend on each one....add more details, talk about bad times, or all the unsaid blessings or the friends that I've meet along the way that mean the most to me. However, I realize that living in the past isn't the way to start my next 30 years. So here are just some of my goals/plans/ideas that I have before I'm 60! (Glup! That seems so far away, but yet here I am...half way there and those flew by and the older I get the faster time goes!!!!)

-3 more babies! (If the Lord trusts me with more!)
-Start a daycare
-Own a few homes as rentals
-Maybe go back to school...for what...it's a secret for now
-To pay a full tithing
-To become closer to my Father in Heaven
-To visit the 10 states I haven't been to yet
-To visit NJ at least 1 more time
-To go to Nova Scotia...hopefully a few more times
-To become a foster parent and help others in need
-Serve more
-To enjoy my family and friends as much as possible! 
-Catch up on sleep!!! (HAHAHAHA!!!)

Ok, so the last one is more of a joke, and won't be disappointed if I don't reach.

I know a lot can happen in 30 years, so I plan on being realistic with my goals. But I also hope that I picked goals that are too unreasonable. And 30 years is a lot of time to fill!!! I may edit this post as time goes on...maybe every year around my birthday. 

I am so excited for what my future holds...ups and downs. I have the best team with me. I have amazing parents, who taught me well and are still here for me no matter how old I am. I have the best siblings in the world who I can count on to help me out in anyway I need! I have surround myself with the best friends a girl could have! Each one is different and are there for me in different ways. Some I have had for 20 years and others are newer, but each are very important to me and to each I am extremely loyal! 
I was blessed to meet Aaron and become his wife. He is perfect for me. He puts up with my quirks and carries me when I'm low. He is my shoulder to cry on and makes me laugh everyday! He is a wonderful husband and father!! He is Sam's super hero and Vanessa only has eyes for her Daddy! He provides for us and will do anything for us. This man has saved me time and time again, and I wouldn't want to be going through life without him by my side!!!! I have two beautiful children who have brought heaven into our lives! They make me want to be better and do better. They make me smile, cry and laugh everyday! Not a day goes by that I can't believe they are mine! 

I feel so blessed and can't wait for the next 30!!! :)


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