Saturday, March 28, 2009


Our doggies are so funny! I truly believe that they have personalities and spirits. They comfort us when sad, are happy when we're happy and always excited to see us. Here are some of my favorite things about them.
When ever I do laundry, Jonathan waits like this at the top of the stairs for me! I love it! It makes me so happy to see him waiting for me! He loves his mommy!

This is one of Bella's new favorite spots. When we are on the computer, she likes to lay at our feet...this was just a way to get closer. It is so funny to see her get up there, it is slippery and she really struggles, so then she just gives up and plops down.

Not much is going on right now. Getting ready for Aaron's birthday...April 1st! That's right...he is an April Fools baby, and for those of you who haven't meet him yet, it kind of says a little bit about him! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

On March 10, 1959 the most amazing woman was born. Funny, caring, talented, kind-hearted and loving. That woman was my Mom! March 10, 2009 she turned 50! So naturally we had to have a surprise party! I have been planning this party for a while. (With the help of some amazing people!) Friends and family from all over where here to share the day!

Seeing cousin John, from Oklahoma!

Blowing out the candles on her gluten-free cake

And what party would be complete without someone being arrested or a trip to the ER! Tricia's head found a rock, so mom and I took her to the insta-care. Luckily,most of the guest had left, and the party was over. She was so brave. She had to get 8 stitches, 1 in deep, and 7 on the surface.


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