Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"You asked for this"

In case I have new readers...it took us 7 years to get pregnant and our son was conceived through IUI, in a doctors office. But being a Mom is hard!!! (Not harder than I expected, but hard none the less!) Whenever I have a bad or tough day being a Mom, I hear "You asked for this" or "You wanted this". And it is so very true, and I would still would be begging for it if I was still struggling, but it makes me feel like I can't have a bad day. It makes me feel like because it took us 7 years and lots of doctors, that I can't complain about how hard it is being Mom. Or that I am suppose to be the perfect Mom because I had plenty of time to prepare. 
Friday was a tough day around here. The kids slept in, which in normal, and on Friday's I get to join them on the sleeping in! They were both just fine playing in their cribs, so I took my time getting ready for the day...not knowing that Vanessa was only in a nightgown, (Daddy does bedtimes around here!) with easy access to her poopy diaper. (On a side note, she's usually NEVER poopy in the mornings adding to my sense of leisure) I went in and could smell it, and was a little surprised, but proceeded with getting her clothes ready for the day. I went to get her out and noticed there was something all over her hands and face. (YES....FACE!) Then I noticed there was more on the crib. It's then it hit me. SIGH. I left her in the crib and started the bath. I went back in and took off her nightgown. Because she was standing up I had no idea that her diaper was all the way off. (I thought she just pulled stuff out from the side) I couldn't see the diaper. But thought to worry about it later. I bathed her and dressed her and put her in the highchair with some breakfast. Then I went back to her room and cleaned up. Found the diaper under her 3 blankets. After stripping her bed and throwing out a shopping bag full of the diaper, it's contents, a bottle, and a whole lot of wipes, I put her clothes in the washer. Then went to get Sam from his crib, who was still just hanging out. Nothing out of the ordinary, until we came downstairs. He realized that his best friend Cooper, (who is here 4 days a week) and Dad were both not here. (Another side note...I hate Fridays!!!!) He was super cranky the rest of the morning. (By this time I had already said 3 prayers asking for help to be positive and patient) He didn't want to eat anything I offered, and if he asked for something and I didn't get it fast enough he didn't want it anymore. (Oh 2...it scares me that 3 is harder!) So I let him be hungry. He then would scream and yell if Vanessa touched ANY toy! Vanessa refused her first nap which lead to an overtired, cranky baby who, if she misses the first nap is even harder to get down for a second! Sam again refused anything I offered for lunch and has perfected the lying on the floor, kicking and screaming act. (It didn't take long!) The attitude and crankiness continued and was shared and by the time Aaron got home, I was barley holding on.
Why did I document a tough day? To show that just because our family needed help getting started, that we had to wait 7 years, our days are the same as any family. Yes, we begged, pleaded and borrowed to get our children, but we have bad days too. Yes, I asked for it, but I'm not perfect, nothing can fully prepare you for children. Yes, I wanted it, but I will have bad days and I won't feel guilty about venting about it anymore! Yes, it's hard but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else!!!! (And we want more!)


Mickaela Hawkley said...

For us, having babies is as easy as deciding to have a baby.....and it's Super hard for me, too. I am so glad to have someone to share my craziness with and to know I'm not the only one. ;) You are so positive and help me keep my perspective.

Jewls said...

I feel this same way ALL the time! I always hated when people would complain about their hard days with kids and now I totally understand. I guess it's just best not to judge but to be loving no matter what! :)


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