Thursday, May 01, 2014

It's May!?!?! Here are April photos!!! :)

Here what we did in April when we weren't sick :)

Had fun squishing Sam...He loved it!!!

He also loved napping on Daddy a lot this month!

And Sam slept for the first time in his big boy bed. (Only for nap, but it's a start!)

We started working on the yard!

More napping on Dada

I had my nails done by a little girl fighting ALL. Love her!

We had our first ponytail!!!

Our kids love their CamelBaks!

Sam waits like this now when I do dishes!!!

I learned the liners make a difference!!! 

Enjoyed a (free!) ice cream sundae at our favorite Smiths with my bestie!

Sam learned to make funny faces!!

And napped a lot in our bed :/

Still has a little bit of baby face left!!!! :D

The kids are loving selfies!

Got a few bumps and bruises...above with a fat lip, below with a huge bump!

How we watched General Conference!

Wore really jeans for the first time

Sat on the top of the couch (with feet on Mommy)

Went case lot shopping and were given these cool trays to use and fountain drinks! (Again at our favorite Smiths!)

Got shots (in both legs) Growing great though...and huge improvements since starting asthma treatments!

Another nap in Mommy's bed!

So happy in the mornings! "The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play!"

Started house projects! 

Got eyelash extensions!

Got upset because people were on our couch!

More snuggles and selfies with mom

We've been in our house 6 months now and time has flown by!!! Get ready for lots more house pictures in the next few months!!!!


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