Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 Months Old

Sam is now 2 months old! He is growing like crazy!!! Yesterday was his 2 month check up. His weight is 12.13 lbs. Height 23.4 inches and his head is 15.2. He is perfect! His doctor just loves him and can't get enough. She gave me the best compliment. She told Sam that his mommy sure knows him. I know what every action and sound means. As far as the throwing up, the doctor isn't worried because of how much he weighs and how happy he his and is pretty sure it's reflex. She game me some samples of Enfamil A.R. and he seems to be holding it down. He has rice starch in it, so it thickens when it reaches stomach acid. It is a little thicker so he takes longer to eat it, but is eating less per sitting because it's thicker. Here are some adorable pictures of our growing child!

He smiles all the time now and has the cutest little giggle!

He gets so excited to see puppers!

Tired of taking pictures by now!

Reasons he's like Daddy!         
He makes the same noises in his sleep
He LOVES to eat
He laughs a lot
Even though Aaron isn't much of a cuddlier now, he was as a baby...Sam loves to cuddle!

Reason's he's like Mommy!
He loves to talk
He sleeps really well, and though noises
He likes to sleep with a hand on his face (usually covering an eye)
As a baby, I loved just being in my diaper, so does Sam!

Some of his favorite things!
He loves his teddy bear from Ryan
He loves his cradle
Loves 'motor boat' (A game I play with his legs)
Bath time (50% of the time!)
Tummy time

He is such a good baby and we couldn't be more blessed!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Our little boy is growing like a weed! He's in 3 month clothes, has been for a while, and they are starting to get small. I don't feel right in spending money we don't have on clothes that will last a month (or less!). I know  I'm not the only one who has the same problem, so I don't feel wired or bad about buying second hand clothes for Sam. I bought all of these from different sellers on eBay. 3 different lots, the total amount....less than $25!!! And not pictured...2 pair of shoes. 3 to 12 months!

And just some pictures to say hi!!! He is such a happy, chunky baby!!! :)

2 month doctor's appointment is on Monday! Will blog again on Tuesday with stats! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sickness and a New Eagle Scout!

Before I get to the fun stuff, I want to start by saying I am so ready for summer. I usually enjoy every season and don't mind how long they stay. But I have been getting sick a lot since I had Sam. The stomach flu had gone though my family like wildfire...starting with our niece Juliet. We didn't seem to catch it! Then out of no where, I had to go to the ER, for the second time since Sam was born, this time for another kidney stone! (So glad my parents live so close!) They told me, I also had a kidney infection. Within the next couple of days, Sam and I both got a head cold...coughing, sneezing, runny noses, the works! (I even had a sexy man voice!) Thinking the worse was over, a week after my stone, I was feeling sick to my stomach. I thought it might just be the McDonald's I had earlier. Nope...I started throwing up. (Which I don't do!) Well, I wasn't the only one, Sam was too. I was so sore, never has my body ached so bad! I couldn't even hold Sam. :( Aaron did such a great job taking care of Sam and I. That night he slept on the floor next to Sam and was up with him till 1:30 even though he had to get up at 4 the next morning to go to work. We are both finally feeling better...knock on wood!

Now, on to a much better story! We are so proud of by brother Andrew for working so hard to receive his Eagle scout award! Our brother Bryant presented him with his award.

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Aaron had the camera and kept taking pictures of Jake's little boy Xander. He's so cute!!!!
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Sam did okay. He's never cranky, but choose Andrew's eagle to be the first time! He did sleep though a lot of it though. I only had to step out a couple of times.

Juliet was sitting in front of us and kept sticking her tongue out at me! She so sweet!!

Andrew received his Eagle with his best friend Jake Pugmire.

The Eagle's nest. Aaron received his Eagle in 1992.

Sam with cousin Ruth

Sam loved Ruth's earrings!

Nana stealing a kiss!

Andrew was able to say a few words at the end and spoke to Sam. He wants to help support and push Sam to get his Eagle because he had family who helped him. We are so proud of the man Andrew is becoming! Even though we are 10 years apart, Andrew is one of my best friends! (And I  know Aaron feels the same, even though they are 18 years apart) Andrew is just a great kid!! And I know that Sam loves him, and will look up to him.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Update and Some Bragging

Sam is now 6 weeks old! He is growing so fast and I am loving every minute!

He still gets lots of visitors. We had our niece J'neen over for dinner with her awesome boyfriend, Marc. J'neen is the oldest Sperry grandchild and Sam is the youngest. (For now) We ate a yummy dinner and played 'Imagine If...'. We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again. 

We adore J'neen!!!!

Sam and I have such a great bond! I tell him all the time, I'm his best friend, and I think he agrees! Here are some pictures from the last two weeks.

He loves his Mamma!
The last time he wore the outfit he came home in! :(

One Happy Boy!!! :)

Nap time, which he won't do without the teddy bear from Ryan :)

We are so blessed to have Sam in our lives. It's amazing how 7 years of pain and disappointment have vanished! We have learned a lot in the last 6 weeks about ourselves. 

Sam is so amazing! He sleeps so well! He is sleeping about 6 hours a night and takes one long nap during the day. He loves to eat and now that we know what formula he can keep down he eats a lot more! He drinks 6 ozs. a feeding. I started adding rice cereal to a couple of his bottles, especially is last one. He is so much happier and LOVES it! He is happy and healthy and that is all we ever wanted!!!! :) 

(Warned you there would be bragging!!!)


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