Friday, February 28, 2014

February Pictures

We were so sick for most of February! :( It was awful!!! Thankfully we have awesome people in our lives to help us out!!! We are loving that the weather is already warming up though and can't wait to spend time outside! Here's our February:

Bought a new(used) table for the kids. 

I actually had time to squeeze in a craft!!!

If you look close to this picture, Sam's feet and knees aren't on the floor...he LOVES just hanging there!

Best Friends!! 

We played LOTS of ring a round the rosie

I love having a dog with kids...Zeus cleans the floor for me!!!

Playing with our eyes

Pretty sure this beauty is left handed!

Sam's signature....footie pajamas with socks!

Messy eaters eat naked!!!

Spent some time hiding from the kids!

Helped Mom make cookies

I made Valentines cookies for all the kids I watch and our neighbors :)

We made Valentines for our parents :)

Love these feet!!!

Enjoyed new Daniel Tigers!!!

Rolled and wrestled on the floor together!

Vanessa LOVED the hockey games!! (Just tapping into her Canadian roots!)

Vanessa photo bombing!

This little girl LOVES the camera!

Sam was sad, so Jersey rubbed Sam's head til he was happy!

Had lots of car races!

Posed for the camera over...

....and over....

....and over again!!!


Got stuck in the hall

Had chicken nuggets for breakfast

Stood up by ourselves for the first time!!!!

Ate LOTS of otter pops for sore throats and/or upset tummies!

Snuggled with Daddy

Started being put on timeout...I know he looks sad, but he LOVES timeout, he didn't want his picture taken.

He's actually laughing in this on!!!

Wanted to sleep right after dinner!

Loved our ladybug hat!!!

Gotten in trouble playing in the doggy door!

Tried to undress after lunch

Wanted pictures with Mommy!

Got creative with our blocks!

Also wanted pictures with Mommy!

We are feeling much better lately and went on our first walk today!!! Super excited for March, spring and working on our new yard!!!! :)


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