Monday, January 28, 2013

2 Month and 1 Year Stats

Ladies we'll start with Vanessa. She is such a little, sweet, cuddly baby. She is seriously a cuddler! (I love it!!!) She is a mama's girl. She has beautiful, long fingers. (Hopefully piano fingers!) She has strawberry blonde hair!!! She is really strong, she holds her own head up no problem and will sometimes stand! Now on to the stats:

Height: 22.25" (25%)
Weight: 9lbs (3-7%)
Head: 14.6% (3%)

She is very tiny, but starting to gain weight finally...she also is starting to have an apatite!!  

I love this skit! My dear friend, Dianna Crest made if for her!

Also, love this blanket that my best friend made her...Diana Cotner (her future Mother-In-Law)

And if you can't tell, Vanessa loves the puppy Uncle Ryan gave her!


Now for our little gentleman! Sam is now 13 months old. He is growing so fast! He says, Mama, Dada, dog and Zeus (our dog's name). He knows 2 signs, 'more' and 'please'. He is great at walking and is starting to run. He's a Dada's boy, but Zeus is his best friend. He is super funny and has us laughing all day. He eats very well! He loves fruits, veggies and carbs. He eats meats, but will pick veggies over meat. He no longer uses a bottle or formula, but isn't a fan of milk. But because he eats so well, the doctor told me not to stress about it. He sleeps about 12 hours a night and takes 1, 2-3 hour nap. He already enjoys helping mommy...if I drop something he picks it up and hands it to me, and if it's Vanessa's he tries to give it to her. He has the worlds greatest laugh and makes everyone around him happy! 

Here are his stats:

Weight: 26.2lbs. (95%)
Height: 33.5" (off the charts!!!)
Head: 19.1" (95%)

The nurse actually measured Sam, went out to put it in his chart and came back in to measure him again. She said there was a huge spike and she wanted to make sure she read it right. When she did it a second time, he was actually 1/2" taller! 

We love being parents, but even more so to these amazing kids! We feel so blessed and are enjoying watching every moment! It's kind of funny having such a big baby and such a tiny one! Sam is already such a good big brother. (He was really concerned today every time someone was holding Vanessa other than me) And Vanessa smiles at Sam all the time now! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Elder Brown

I can't believe Andrew is old enough to go on a mission!!! And then he was so back and forth on going, and 4 months ago he would have told you 'No way!" We are so proud of his decision to go. He will be serving his mission in Everett, Washington. He is in the MTC for about another week and a half.  

The night before he left...Right after being set apart as a missionary :)

The next day: He didn't have to be at the MTC till 12:30, so we all went to lunch in Provo, at Goodwood. (Minus Aaron, who had to work) 

With Uncle "Rew" for the last time for the next two years.

Andrew is setting such a good example for my kids! :)

Between the two pictures there's a good one there!

Vanessa was sound asleep, and we didn't want to wake her. When he gets home, she'll have changed the most!

Life is funny. I didn't see him everyday, or even talk to him everyday, but now that I can't I really want too! Thanks to I can write him everyday, but I don't hear back everyday. And once he's in Washington, he won't get them everyday. But he needs to focus on the Lord's work. I miss him terribly, but I know he's doing the right thing and I am so proud. Also, these kids keep me busy, so I'm sure the time will fly.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vanessa's Blessing

We blessed Vanessa Joy on January 6, 2013. We blessed Sam on Aaron's birthday last year, so we thought it would be cool to have Vanessa's on my birthday, but mine wasn't a Sunday this year, so the 6th was the closest. Also, we wanted to have her blessing before Uncle Rew leaves for his mission. It was so cool having him stand in the circle.  

Aaron did a great job and her blessing was beautiful!

Vanessa's dress was made by Emily Costner, out of vintage lace. 

Can't forget this cute kid!!!

Our family of 4!!!

Vanessa with her Grandparents! :)

I put all of these family photos in to show how funny Sam is! He is a character!

4 generations: Me, my Dad and my Grandma and my kids!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

We had a small, quiet Christmas this year. Our gift to each other was another baby...and we couldn't think of a better gift!! (We are loving being parents!!!) 

Sam and Juliet were the show and so much fun to watch!

Nana and Poppy gave Sam a drum set!!! 

Sam and Jules wanted to play with each others toys. (Nana and Poppy got Jules a piano)

Sam got a Buzz car from Bryant and Elisha.

We had fun watching the kids play with their new toys and each other. Aaron and I got a gift card to Babies R Us to get a double stroller!!! (When we went, the one we wanted was normal the price of our gift card, but was $45 off, so we were able to get a booster seat for the dinning room table and a bunch of sippy cups!!!)
We had a great holiday season and 2012 was wonderful to us!! Here's hoping the same for 2013!!! :)


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