Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is what 27 weeks looks like....

Found the camera, didn't realize that I went 7 weeks without taking a picture! And boy did I grow!!!! The funny thing is, I thought I was big at 20 weeks. And the scariest part is that I haven't really reached the baby getting fat stage! 

Other than being sick, I am loving being pregnant and feeling Sam all the time! Getting sick was hard, mainly because I can't take anything to feel better. But Aaron has been a rock star in taking care of me and working on the house. (I'm so lucky!!!) 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update without pictures

Sorry, no pictures...the camera is still packed and being looked for :) But I wanted to add an update since I am VERY pregnant brained and forget things way to easy right now. 

My cousin, Ruth, was married to her sweetheart, Alex, in August. (Great month to get married!) It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in the mountains. (Forgot my camera) We are so happy for them and glad that Alex is a part of our family!

On September 11, Bryant and Elisha, had their baby girl, Juliet. They left for the hospital at 6:00 AM. Bryant sent me a text which kind of woke me up. As I was reading, I had a contraction. And Sam was super active until Elisha was given an epidural. It was interesting. Mom thinks that they were saying 'goodbye, see you in December'. She is healthy and beautiful and both Mom and baby are doing great. (Camera was packed)

We are all moved into our new place. And we love it! (Even surrounded by boxes!) We actually feel like we are home. We have been having 'fun' painting and unpacking. We only have a few more rooms to paint. Our new place has 5 bedrooms and 2 full baths with another room unfinished by plumed for a bathroom. My favorite part is the laundry room and how much storage this house has. (The laundry room is huge!) 

On to the fun stuff....the baby. Sam is doing great....right on track!!! I have gained only about 10 pounds and I swear most of that is him! He is going to be a big baby. He is moving most of the time and I love it. I swear he will be a goalie for a soccer team...he is always moving his arms and legs. His kicks are getting much stronger and he can almost kick my ribs. Aaron feels him daily now instead of the occasional 'big' one. We are so excited and are starting to feel the time crunch. He will be here in less than 15 short weeks, with lots of holidays to pass the time in between!

As soon as I find the camera I will post a new baby bump picture :)


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