Monday, July 30, 2012

7 Months Old

I can't believe I'm blogging about Sam being 7 months...didn't I just blog about 6 months?!?! Time is going way too fast! But he is so much fun to watch grow and learn. 

This kid is a ham and loves getting his picture taken!

Everything still goes in the mouth!

His hands and feet are huge!

Sam is such a funny kid. He already will continue to do something if it makes you laugh. He loves to growl and in Canada he learned to be loud. He loves to shake his head back and forth. He is weeks away from crawling! He wants to be mobile so bad!!! (And we will be in so much trouble when he is!) He is eating so well, and his favorite is still squash. He will still eat anything I give him, but doesn't seem to care for the green foods. He eats green beans really slow and gags on peas. (But he will eat them) He won't eat baby food if he is starving, because he fills up faster with formula. He also won't eat baby food if he is 'busy' because it takes too long for him. He is wearing 9-12 months tops and 18 months bottoms! His favorite toys are Wii controler covers, a zebra rubber duckie, balls, and my belly :) The other day, I was lying on the bed and he was sitting next to me. He was playing with some toys, when he stopped, looked at me, growled and attacked my belly! Vanessa then started to move and kick like crazy! It made me laugh, so Sam kept doing it and Vanessa kept reacting the same way. They already play and love each other! My belly was soaking wet and is one of my favorite Mom moments! :)

Halfway Already!!!

If you haven't heard yet, we are having a girl! :) We are 98% sure on her name, Vanessa Joy. (I say 98% because I was Allison Patricia till I was born) Here are the ultrasound pictures of our sweet ladybug!

And here is me at 20 weeks...I think I am bigger this time around. But I could be wrong...I just feel huge this time!

I love being pregnant and I love feeling my baby move. Vanessa is already just as, if not more active than Sam was. She doesn't kick as much as he did, but rolls and moves a lot! I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. I sometimes get pains around my c-section due to stretching. And ever since traveling to Canada, my feet and legs swell if I stand too long. (I didn't have either of those problems with Sam) Like with Sam though, I haven't had cravings, but get talked into food easily and I'm eating a lot more candy then I normally do. (They are both Sperry babies!) For so many reasons, this pregnancy seems to be going by so much faster! For one, I have Sam to take care of! I also didn't know I was pregnant for a while and when I did know, I didn't think I was as far a long as I actually was. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Canada Part 1

This is part one because these are the photos I grabbed from Facebook, since my camera died on the way to Canada. :( But Mom has a lot of photos on her camera I need to grab. Anyway, there are a lot of photos and they aren't really in order, but I need to blog about the trip before I forget the details :)

This is Elisha and I one a shuttle at the LaGuardia airport. It had been a long day already and we still had one more flight into Halifax!

Sam and Juliet after a long day on planes. They both did really good, much better then we expected! :) But they were so happy to be able to stretch out and move! :)

Meeting Nanny for the first time. They both love her! (But who doesn't!)

Sam got to try his first 'cookie'. As you can see he loved it!

The family reunion was on Prince Edward Island (PEI). I've never been, and it is a beautiful place! I sure love my family. Above, the 3 prego's! Jennifer, me and our second cousin, Amanda.

Us being silly!

Sam, Danielle and I...and my Dad!

The whole family!


More cousin photos!

Kassie and I

Christina and I playing with the babies :)

Me being pregnant!

My happy baby! ;)

You can still get Dunkaroo's in Canada!!

Sam was giving a lot of food in Canada. Here, my mom is feeding him white beans, and he loved them! (As you can see, he has one in each hand!) There are many more pictures of eating to come ;)

This was on the way home, in Detroit. They were actually sitting facing each other. Juliet turned and scooted back into Sam. He thought it was so funny, she wanted to keep scooting! 

We had a great trip. (Lots of traveling though) I love being with my family and hate that I don't see them enough. Sam did really good for the most part, but after about 3 days, was really missing Aaron and his crib. (Not always in the that order!) He was sure happy to be home.


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