Friday, June 28, 2013

Sprinkler Fun...Kind Of

So I watch Cooper (2) a couple of days a week. I thought it would be fun one day to play in the sprinkler. I had Tricia come over and help me with the boys in case Vanessa needed me. (I think she had the most fun) So, after changing into bathing suits, and putting on sun screen...and learning that Cooper HATES having any kind of lotion put on him...we made our way out side. Then I learned that Cooper doesn't care for walking in grass. (At this point I'm thinking who's bright idea was this!?) The boys weren't too sure what to think but Sam was happy to be outside. 

Not sure what to think...should I like this or not?

Cooper stood a little further away and watched Sam.

They both felt a little braver being by me!

Then they wanted to get further away from it!

Sam trying again...he's not a quieter!

Vanessa hang out!

Cooper was done at this point...sun screen on, and walking in grass just made him so unhappy. (I love these pictures though)

Vanessa reading the safety warning on the girl!

Cooper giving it another try.

Finally, I told Tricia to pick Sam up and run though the water. 

He LOVED it!!! He had her do it over and over. (We didn't do it with Cooper in case he would freak. I did pick him up and have his feet hit the water which he seemed ok with)

One happy kid!

Now Cooper is thinking...if Sam can do it, so can I!

Sam telling Vanessa all about it!

They ended up having a little fun, but it wasn't what I thought was going to happen. Cooper really was upset from the moment I put on sunscreen. He didn't want to be outside anymore and then Sam didn't want to come in! I probably won't do that again until they are older!

Vanessa...7 months old!

It seems like all I blog about is my growing kids...but they don't stop growing!!! 

Our beautiful girl is 7 months old now! She is becoming so much fun! Her personality is really blossoming and she loves to play with Mom and Dad, and talk with anyone who will listen. (Sound like anyone you know!) ;) She rolls very well, but still only from her back to her tummy. She is almost sitting by herself. (Being so round makes sitting hard) She wants to play with Sam so bad that some times she gets so angry at herself for not being able to run with him! She spends most of her day just staring at him. When they first see each other in the morning, they both just grin and start 'talking'! It melts my heart every time!

She is very happy...most of the time, but don't let that smile fool you. She has a temper and it comes out of nowhere most of the time!

Lots and lots of chins!!! :))

The picture above is a new face she's been doing for the last couple of days! (I love when babies play with their facial expressions!)

She's super flexible and she loves to hold her feet! :)

She has one bottom tooth and the other is about to pop she chews on everything right now!

Vanessa is such a joy in our home. We love listening to her coos, raspberries and chatter. She is very vocal. She is becoming very cuddly too, which I of course LOVE! She adores her Mom and Dad and her big brother! 

How Time Flies!!! 18 Months Already!!!!

The worlds cutest boy is 18 months old!!! (I'm not bias!) ;)

He is such an amazing kid! Everyday he does something that just makes us so proud. He really is a stellar kid! (No longer a baby) :( 

He went to nursery for the first time last week and did so good! I of course cried and checked on him 4 times during the hour and a half! He didn't even seem to notice we weren't with him. We were told he did really well. Only problem was snack time and not knowing how to drink from a cup yet...he spilled his water. :)

He's days away from talking...I can feel it. He tries to talk to me A LOT more than he use to. And he has a growing vocabulary. (He knows every different word for dog!) My favorite words he says right now are 'baby' and 'cookie' because they are so clear!

He LOVES Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS. It's the only show he will sit though and has made doing things around the house and tending to Vanessa much easier. 'Tiger'

He is still growing like a weed! He is still a great eater and sleeper! Eats almost anything we give him and sleeps 10-12 hours a night! He is a night owl like his mama and like his mama loves sleeping in! 

Here are his stats!

Head: 19.3" 90%
Weight: 28.4lbs. 92% (But I'm not sure this is correct, he wouldn't stand on the big scale and the baby one was jumping between 27-30lbs....I think it was freaking out about the huge child on it!)
Height: 34.5...still off the charts!

Sam is such a chill, amazing, happy, healthy, fun kid! We love him so much and can't believe that he has been with us 18 months already!!! Time is going way too fast, but we are loving every minute of this kid!!!


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