Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 24th of July

We had such a fun 24th of July! But it really started on the 23rd. I invited all the cousins to sleep over. We set up a tent outside and played all sorts of games! Apples to Apples, Capture the Flag, Uno Attack, Mafia, and more! Everyone brought their favorite sweet to share, so we were all pretty wired! Then on the 24th, we played more games waiting for everyone else to come for a BBQ. We played Nertz, and Mow. (Two family favorites!) There was a lot of yummy food and great memories! I honestly have the best family!

Tricia, Emmalee, Robyn and Andrei playing cards
Grandpa home and eyeing the food! :)
Jackie and Robyn did a lot to help Grandma and Me get ready for the BBQ!
Making french fries!
Our master chef, Steve!
Time to eat! :)
And of course my hunny!!!! :)

In other news, we are doing well. We have finished moving into Grandma's, but still have a lot to unpack and such. Grandpa is doing really well being home. He loves having us around and is loving the dogs. They keep me really busy, but it feels good to serve.

Aaron and I started the HCG diet on Monday (the 26th). So far so good. We are starving, but it will only be for 3 weeks. I have lost 4lbs. and Aaron has lost over 10lbs!

I hope to start blogging again more often, and start crafting soon!


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