Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vanessa Joy

Introducing Vanessa Joy Sperry

Vanessa decided that she wanted to join our family early. She was born Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 3:51 pm. 19.5 inches long and 6 lbs 14 oz. 10 beautiful, long fingers and toes. 

So, here's the story.
On Saturday I was having contractions like I had been having, a couple an hour, but they were getting much stronger. We decided to go on one last date before she was due. We went to the new Twilight movie, which is 2 hours. During that time, I had 18 contractions. (And I only counted the strong ones) Once we left they slowed back down, but not in strength. That night, 1 to 2 and hour would be bad enough to wake me up, but I didn't know how many I was having because I was trying to sleep. Sunday morning while getting ready for church I was having a few, and my lower back was killing me. I told Aaron I was pretty sure I was in labor. But we went to sacrament meeting anyway for a farewell. During the hour I had 12...again, only counting the strong ones. We decided that we would go to the hospital after sacrament meeting. We ran home, grabbed the bag, got Sam ready and grabbed the dinner I prep for my family and ran to my Mom's and dropped off the food and Sam. We got to the hospital about 1:30. We told them what was going on. Aaron and I figured I was just dehydrated and that they'd send me home after some fluids. They took some samples to run tests to see where I was and that it would take a half hour. The nurse left and within 4 minutes, samples still in hand, came in with the doctor on call and they told me we weren't leaving and that we were going to have a baby. He said he was Dr. Yamishiro's partner and he was going to call him and see if he would come in of if he should do it. We were in shock! We barley had anytime to tell anyone. Dr. Yamishiro wanted to be here. He was here so quickly and as soon as he got here they took me back to the OR and then Vanessa was here. She is perfect and we are so in love. Sam loves her already too. He lights up when he sees her. (Well see how long that lasts!) We feel so blessed to have these two amazing spirits in our family. Vanessa and I go home tomorrow!!!

11 Months and Thanksgiving

We almost have a 1 year old!!! Sam turned 11 months on Thanksgiving. (November 22) He's getting so big. He's about 27 lbs! He is so happy all the time. And can take one step!

I had to buy this outfit because of the turkey on the pants. I watch a 4 year old 2 days a week. She heard me call Sam chunky monkey one day and asked me why I call him that. I said because he's chunky. She then said I should call him turkey pants. I asked her why and she said because he wears pants. 

Sam loves his puppers!

We traced his hand for the turkey...he has huge hands!

He is squealing in this picture. He really is a happy baby!!! We love him so much!!!

Thanksgiving was good...I didn't pull out the camera. (Between being pregnant brained and super tired, I am super forgetful!) Mom had 'lunch' since we were feeding Grandma who eats early. We went there at 1. Sam ate a ton and loved it all! He even at peas which he normally doesn't like. Then we went to the Sperry's at 4:30. We had a lot of fun teaching them all the couch game that my family plays. They all loved it. Sam did really well for not napping, we were so proud of him. We love being with our families and are so thankful for them all and everything they do. We are most thankful for Sam and Vanessa this year!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Time...where does it go!?!?! I've been doing a lot of thinking and planning lately. (I have A LOT to do soon!) I'm not complaining, but I'm tired of being pregnant, I have been pregnant for almost 2 full years and I have to carry a 25lb. 10 month old around!! And as much as I love feeling my little one move, I can't wait to hold her and get on with real life. Again, I'm not complaining, and I wouldn't trade my life for anything. My dreams are coming true! But being pregnant is taxing on the body. But, as much as I want her early, I still have so much to do. (As I sit here and blog putting off everything I have to do!) I was looking at the calendar and realized that we only have 3 1/2 weeks till her arrival...unless she other plans. We still have to get her room together...hardwood floors, a fence and still need a dresser. I'm not super worried if her room isn't ready in time because she'll be in our room for about 3 months anyway, but her soon to be room is a MESS right now. I would at least like it empty before she's here. And then there's the world's cutest 10 month old who will be one, 2 days before Christmas...and I am throwing a party for him! (You're only 1 once!) Oh, and then a little holiday called Christmas. I sit here and think, where does the time go. My baby boy is going to be one and my baby girl will be in my arms before I know it. But even with all the stress and worry, I really couldn't be happier! I lay down every night with the biggest smile on my face!!! 


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