Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am starting to figure this blogging thing out!!! YEAH!!! Turns out I just need to play with it! (And a lot of help from Ginny!)

Not too much to update on. Aaron went to the Jazz game last night. Tricia came over to hang out with me. We watched Hairspray. (Well, she watched it, I slept. I wasn't feeling good.) On Friday we went to a friends house and had an "Office" party! We were all so glad to have the "Office" back on. It was a ton of fun!

Not much else is happening. Just living life as usual.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I can't figure this thing out. I have tried adding links to my friends blog and it didn't work. I tried several times and thought I figured it out....but obviously I didn't! I will get it someday.

In case you are wondering why there aren't any pictures....we don't have a digital camera. I am going to start getting CD's when I get film developed until we get a digital.

I know that everyone starts out their blog not know what to do, but I have had this blog for about a year and still haven't figured it out....any notes will be helpful!


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