Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 17 – A photo of you and your family

This photo is a couple of years old and now minus two. (Soon to be two anyway) We are getting a new one done this summer! 

L-R: Tricia, Elisha, Bryant, Mom, Dad, Aaron, Me, and Andrew

 Here is my "other" family...the Sperry's. This photo is even older, but it's hard for this many Sperry's to all be together. As you can see a whole lot more! And again two missing. (Soon two to be anyway) 

Top L-R: Aaron, Josh, Nick, Nathan, Vance, Stieven, J'neen, Kayden, Jereme, Rod, Nina, Trent, Quinn
Middle L-R: Me, Melissa, Shauna, Kaye(Mom), Ron(Dad), Lyndee, Wendy with Isabell, Julianne with Kyler
Bottom L-R: Raetchel, Madi, Laurra, Holli, Jason, Kenley, Kaleb, Max



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