Thursday, December 05, 2013

Vanessa made it to 1!!!

Our beautiful, funny little girl turned 1!!! The first 3 months with her were hard and full of worry. There were times I didn't think she would see a year. But here we are, she's happy and healthy and growing like a weed!!! (Although her 1 year appointment isn't until January 6th, so I don't know for sure) She is so funny and such a source of light in our home! She's quick to smile and giggle! She LOVES to eat and is the messiest eater I know. She adores her big brother and tackles him all the time. She is constantly making noise and loves to mimic others.

Still only has 6 teeth...but it doesn't stop her from eating!

I made her cake!! She's our little ladybug! :)

My cousins and I made the banner and picture streamers.

The snacks...minus the cupcakes...they were in the oven :)

My favorite cousins!! (And my helpers!)

Sam and Juliet during the pre-party

Our silly little girl!

Waiting for the guests!

Finally playing with the 'big' kids!

I thought for sure she'd get messy...boy was I wrong. She tried to push the cake off several times. She didn't really like the texture of the frosting. (Which was homemade cream-cheese frosting!)

Sam sneaking a taste! He knew what it was!

Still not sure!

But she did destroy it! 

She was very spoiled! She got much needed clothes, a puzzle, bowling pins and ball, homemade yarn fruits and veggies, and we gave her baby dolls! 

We sure love this little girl and are so glad she is a apart of our family!!! 



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