Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sam's 2 and I'm A Cry Baby!

Sam is 2!!! He had a great birthday and I have cried about him being 2 everyday since his birthday!!! The day started off with a yummy breakfast my brother made, overnight french toast. Then we went to sacrament meeting because I had to sing in the Christmas program. We came home and put the kids down for a nap before the big party! We then had dinner with my family at 4:30. Then it was time to party!!! Sam couldn't wait!!! He kept asking for cake...he loves mommy's cake :)

I made his cake this year in the shape of the number 2 :)

Waiting while everyone sings :) It only took him one puff to blow them out :)

He ate 3 pieces of cake!!!

I forgot to get pictures of him opening presents...he was very spoiled. He got some clothes (that he won't take off!), homemade blocks, a homemade Daniel Tiger!, a train set, and a hammer and peg toy that he LOVES!

Sam LOVES Auntie Ruth!!! He is feeding her an orange :)

The party guests :) So lively! 

This little boy is amazing!!! He is so smart, funny, caring, giving and loving!!! He loves to help mommy around the house and take care of Vanessa. He loves Mickey Mouse, Daniel Tiger, chips, M&M's, choo choo trains, stars, blankets, and green. He is very independent and loves when we give him more 'freedom' or 'responsibilities'. His best friend is Cooper, and he adores Vanessa.

We love you so much Sam and are so very proud of you!!!



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