Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

 We had a small, busy Christmas this year. I loved decorating our new home with some of my Christmas decorations. (I didn't put out my Christmas village this year.)

Sam and Vanessa at 7:30 Christmas morning :) 

Our day started at my Mom's...we had to wake the kids to get over there in time. Thankfully, the kids are too young to understand and had no idea that we were leaving presents that were home :)

Sam and Juliet waiting for their presents

Vanessa is in love with her Uncle Bryant!!! She adores him!!!!

Couldn't wait on the stairs anymore...had to get closer to the 'action'!

Poppy stole this shot but yawning!!

Sam got a Mickey hat!!! :)

Vanessa got a ladybug hat :)

After opening our family gifts and a super yummy breakfast, Aaron and I loaded up the kids and went home to open our Santa gifts!!

Vanessa got a Christmas tree picture, Sam wouldn't sit still!

After his birthday and opening gifts at Nana's, he was a pro opener!!!

Vanessa still had no idea what was going on.

Vanessa was way more interested in the tree!

And of course or ridiculous elves gifts!!! They were covered in ribbon!!! But Mommy got them off without scissors!!! 

We had a wonderful Christmas!!! After we took a little rest, we were off again to the Sperry's for a Christmas lunch. We had a lot of fun visiting and eating! Then we headed back over to Mom's for the annual Brown's cookie exchange, where we ate a lot more!!! The kids were so tired and were asleep before we left Mom's neighborhood to go home! But they slept really well with their new stuffed lights that project starts on the ceiling :) 

I know I say it a lot, but I feel so blessed!!! Especially the last few years. I am so grateful for my sweet, hardworking husband. He is such a great husband and even better Dad. I am amazed to have 2 beautiful children, who have brought a glimpse of heaven into our lives and make us want to be better people. I'm grateful to have a beautiful new home this year, with amazing neighbors! I'm so grateful for mine and Aaron's family who are so supportive of us.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that 2014 brings you all that you desire! 



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