Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Photos 2013

I'm a little late in posting these, they were taken the end of August. My cousin's husband is an awesome photographer, and we had so much fun spending the afternoon in the mountains with them and capturing my little family. We took some photos and then had a picnic! Sam had so much fun playing outside and was filthy by the time we got home!!!

Vanessa's first photo bomb!

This one is my favorite!!!!

It will probably be awhile before I will get a good shot of the two of them together!

This is my favorite of Sam and Vanessa!!! I love their facial expressions!!!

You should check out Alex's website! http://www.icewolfphotography.com/ I love our family shots (of course!) But he also has some amazing nature shots!!! I love his work with color and lighting. You will soon be seeing a few of his pieces in my home!!!



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