Wednesday, April 02, 2014

March Photos

March was a super fun month and I can't believe it's over! Here is our month in order :)

Aunt Cathy came to visit from Nova Scotia, Canada!

Mom, Cathy and I went to Vegas!

Did a coupon/sale only shopping trip and save $100!!!

Found out that Vanessa has asthma and started treatments...she's doing great!

Sam tried to convince us he needed a bottle again....this only worked for 2 days and then I put my foot down!

I tore out the bushes in the front!

I found Vanilla Coke chap-stick in Vegas!!!

Cathy brought me Canadian Corn Pops! (They were gone before she went home!)

We spent a lot of time hanging out on the couch!

Even with 3 friends!

I got to do some crafting!! (This is for my new niece who I can't wait to meet!)

We had cupcakes for Nana's birthday. (Jules says they are Pupcakes and Sam calls them was a very heated conversation!)

We had more cupcakes for St. Patricks Day

We are getting so big and beautiful!

We learned how to use a fork...before our brother ;)

We made new friends who also come there's 7!

We are super happy in the mornings!

We love to singing...especially the wheels on the bus and if you're happy and you know it

It's hard to tell, but Sam is lying in my lap!

And my lap never has enough room for everyone!

We had enough hair for a Mohawk! 

Looking older and older :(

We spent an afternoon outside with out friends!

And when it was time to come in, they knocked on the door calling for the dog to open it! :D

We played the piano!

We got stuck in our pillow case!

I dyed my hair purple!

We shared M&M's

We sang at the piano

We slept in the car a lot!

First time down a slide!

First time in a swing!

We love time out!

We love this hat that was left at our house and no one claimed!

We still love eating!

And playing!

The highlight of the month...meeting Daniel Tiger!

Sam still talks about meeting him and giving him a high five! (And I love that we know his memory is growing longer!)

He got a mask and a free book and a "kitten" to take home!

So did she!

Getting tired, but loving the new freedom of walking in a crowded place!

Sam got to throw 3, and actually made the last one!


He wasn't sure about the King Friday puppet. But the man was great and actually sounded like King Friday!

We built LOTS of tracks!

And we are just so stinking cute!!!


Jami Berry said...

They are getting so big! You have such cute kids!


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