Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a good, relaxing Easter this year! The Easter bunny has decided that he will bring a new spring outfit and books to our kids! I love this idea! (Not to say a few small $1 toys and a small thing of candy won't find there way in the baskets)

Sam got books on Bible stories and a potty book! Also, all 3 American Tails movies! (Which mom is way more excited about!)

Vanessa got some cute SuzyZoo books and the Muppets in Space movie!

They both got really cool track books, they have little pull back cars (Vanessa's is a ladybug) and you put the cars on the track in the book and they drive around :)

Eating colored scrambled eggs!

Sam got 2 balls. He had Aaron open them and then he put them away!

Vanessa picked up on the gift idea and pulled everything out and looked at it. 3 days later and I don't think Sam has looked in all of his yet!

Sam didn't want shoes on for church!

Getting pictures of these two is a challenge, getting nice pictures of these two is impossible! 

This is probably the cutest one, even though Vanessa isn't looking at the camera.

And then it just got sad! (We have 1 o'clock church!)

After church we came home and hurried and got ready. We were going to go to my mom's. But as we were getting ready to walk out the door they showed up. A little after they left, Aaron's parents showed up. It was nice not to have to drag the kids around and have them all stop by here. We sure love the holidays around here with kids!!! And they just get better and better!!! :)


Jami Berry said...

Love the outfits! Our girls' Easter baskets were books, coloring books and DVDs too (with a few candies in there) and they loved it.


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