Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Las Vegas!

For my Mom's birthday this year, my Aunt Cathy came all the way from Cape Breton, Canada, and surprised her. (And us all!) She was here for a week. Cathy and Mom decided to take the weekend and go to Vegas. And I was invited!!! It was so much fun! We left Friday afternoon. We tried to get there in time for Donny and Marie, but ran into construction that slowed us down. We got checked into the Wynn, and then went to the lobby to take some pictures and eat at a deli type place there. (They had gluten free bread...Mom was so excited to have a sandwich!!!) 

Here are a few pictures of the lobby...everything was fresh flowers!

Saturday, we woke up and decided to do some shopping. We walked to the M&M's store...which was on the other end of the strip! We hit the M&M's store and then the Coca-Cola store, where I found Vanilla Coke chap stick!!! (In both, I was traumatized by a man in a costume! The Blue M&M and the Coca-Cola bear!) Then we went into the Ross...which was HUGE!!! And then the huge mall!

We then met our friend Ryan for lunch at Cesar's Palace. The food was amazing!!! He, thankfully, drove us back to the Wynn. Cathy was cold, and jumped right into her covers!! The plan was for them to nap, while I watched TV in the tub! (I never have time for baths and when will I ever have a TV in a bathroom again!) However, the 2 of them just told storied and giggled the whole time!

After 'naptime' we went downstairs and did a little gambling before our show, "La Reive", which was amazing! So much talent!!! (Ryan use to work there as an underwater teck and got the tickets for us)
Then we really gambled! I taught them how to play roulette! We had so much fun!!!

It was so much fun and just what I needed! A weekend away from kids! (I love my babies, but time apart is always good for everyone!) And I don't get to see my Aunt very often because of the distance. And time with my Mom is always fun!!! 



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