Wednesday, March 05, 2014


It's not everyday I get to see my Canadian family. In fact I'm lucky if I get to see them (or some of them) every 2 years! Yesterday, my phone rang, and the caller ID said Bryant Brown. He never calls me, so I answered "What did I do?!" My Aunt Cathy started laughing and said Hi. I was in shock. My phone has been acting kind of weird lately, so my first thought was that the wrong caller ID came up. So I say, "How are you on Bryant's phone?" "THINK ABOUT IT!" I screamed, woke up most of the kids in the house and was so excited!!! She invited us over for dinner and told me not to tell my mom. Cathy's reason for surprising us all was for my mom's birthday, March 10th. We missed the surprise, but enjoyed a wonderful evening, talking, eating and of course laughing!!! :)

I adore this beautiful woman!!! She has always been an inspiration and joy in my life!!

And she just happened to bring my favorite cereal with her!!! (They are very different than American Corn Pops!!!)



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