Thursday, April 04, 2013

Look Who's 4 Months Old!

It's weird, time seems to be going much slower when it comes to Vanessa growing. Not that I'm complaining, I want my babies to stay my babies. But I thought for sure it would go even faster having two. 

This little one, isn't so little and has finally chunked out!!!! We don't have to worry so much anymore!!! She smiles all the time and it is heart-melting! She is still a Mama's girl, but loves her Daddy very much! She lights up when she sees him. Her favorite thing in the whole world is kisses!!! (I guess we are locking her up early!!!) With the help of our sister-in-law, Elisha, we got Vanessa's ears pierced last week. I had a hard time during, but I'm so glad we did it. They look so cute and she's too young to play with them!!! And she loves when I have to clean them and twist must tickle because she giggles most of the time!

She has the most beautiful hands, and I am so glad I got this picture!

Vanessa loves to rub her head when she is tired...and will keep her hand in that one spot while she is sleeping. She has a lot of my quirks! (Poor girl)

On to the stats!
Height: 24.5'' (50%)
Weight: 15lbs! (75%) (She was in the 3% at 2 months)
Head: 15.75'' (10%)

An just a quick update on this adorable 15 month old!!!

Height: 27.10'' (Still off the charts!!!)
Weight: 33.9lbs (95%)
Head: 19.2'' (90%)

He is one happy kid, even with getting the rest of his baby teeth at the same time!
Music (loves singing and dancing)
Bath time
His puppy - Zeus 
Kissing his sister
His cousin, Juliet
His 'Aunt' Ruth
Being outside

Words he can say:
Juice (which sounds similar to Zeus, but we know the difference)
NO! (no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!)
Mama and Dada
"ssa! ssa!" (Which we realized he means Vanessa...he says it when she's crying)
He also tries to say sister :)

Words he can sign:
Thank you (kind of...still working on it)
Done/Finished (again...still working on it)

We are one happy family and very much enjoying the spring weather!!!!



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