Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 2(ish) Photo Challenge

It's amazing how having two kids babies, can make something as simple as taking one picture a day so hard! But it's giving me something to do other than taking care of just babies. (Which I love doing, but my creative juices are draining)

Day 5: Feet

Who has the cutest feet...Vanessa of course and I painted her nails for the first time!! (I love having a girl)

Day 6: Happiness
Girl Scout Cookies!!!! Tagalongs are my favorite, and I can eat a whole box in just a few minutes!!!

Day 7: Luck
Ladybugs are very lucky and Vanessa's room is ladybugs and bumblebees :)

Day 8: The Sky
The Sky is beautiful this time of year. So many changes during the change of a season. I don't have the best scenery camera, but you can see a lot of texture.

Day 9: Two Things
Here are the two things Sam can not live with out right now. The poor kid is getting the rest of his teeth at once and to top it off, he has a bad cold :( (But he is till all smiles!)

Day 10: The Ground
I was excited for this one! We planted a whole bunch of bulbs last fall and they are coming up!!!!

Day 11: Contentment
I don't know anyone (or thing) more content then our dog Zeus! (He is in his spot in our room) He's awake in this just can't see his eyes!



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