Monday, March 04, 2013

March Photo Challenge

I decided to do something a little different, I feel all my posts are about the babies. (Which I love, but I bet you all don't care about them growing as much as I do) So I found this: 

Now, even though I'm not blogging about the kids, so of them will involve can they not? They are so cute :)

#1 Your View: I love the view looking out our back windows...they face east and we have a great view of the mountains!

#2 A Corner: I took a picture of Sam's favorite corner. Since he started sleeping in his own crib, he has slept with his head in this corner :) 

#3 In Your Hands: There is nothing more than I love more than holding my babies and Vanessa has the most beautiful hands!

#4 A Clock: This is my favorite clock...I found it on eBay and it matches my living room perfectly!

I will take pictures everyday, but only post them once a week...either Sunday or Monday so keep watching :)



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