Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 Months Old

Our little boy is growing so fast! He is getting so big! He is a pro-roller now! Well, from back to tummy, he has a hard time with going from his tummy to his back. He did it a couple of times yesterday, but by accident and it startled him every time! (It was kind of funny) He thinks that now he can roll, he should be able to crawl and gets so mad that he can't get anywhere. He's been working on sitting by himself, but usually ends up just hunched over in a ball laughing. He loves standing!

He is happy all the time...all smiles at home. When we are out and about, he doesn't smile a lot, he's a people watcher and so nosy! He is a thinker, you can actually see him learning and thinking! 

This is a new face he's been making...not sure where he picked it up, but makes me laugh every time!

Sam eats like crazy, but doesn't want anything to do with cereal still. I though we were having success one day, but when I went to clean his face, he spit it all out. He had been storing it in his checks, and since they are so chubby, I hadn't noticed. He spit it all out and laughed and laughed! Next month I'm trying baby food even if he's not eating cereal. 

He is so funny and his personality is growing all the time. I think he is going to have Aaron's sense of humor, but my stubbornness and independence. (I'm in trouble!) Sam loves being outside. We take him for walks, or sit on the front step if he's being cranky, it calms him right down. He sure loves his Mom and Dad! And we couldn't love him more. He won't tell us if he's having a brother or sister, he just smiles and laughs at us when we ask!



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