Tuesday, May 01, 2012

How I have changed

Since having Sam my life has changed, I have changed. Some are just like all other Mom's. Picking someone else's nose, being excited for poop, and loving someone else so much you feel your heart may just pop out of your chest. But I have made a lot of personal changes as well. The biggest being my depression. The longer it took to get pregnant, the deeper my depression would get. Once Sam was placed in my arms, it was instantly gone! 7 years of pain and depression completely disappeared. During those 7 years, I also lost my mojo with kids. I have always loved kids and they have always been drawn to me, but that had left. Kids made me upset and they sensed it. I totally have it back! I watch two little girls once and a while and they don't like leaving! :) It makes me so happy! I love kids, all of them! (Mine the most, but that didn't need to be said!) 
Now, probably the most noticeable change is my OCD. For those of you who really know me, know that I am extremely OCD and organized. I use to only have people over if my house was spotless (even family). Because I was so sick after Sam was born and need help, I had to quickly get over that. I'm now ok if someone comes over and my counter is cluttered. My OCD has gotten much better, not gone though. My movies are still in alphabetical order, but I know I'll need to get over that when Sam gets bigger and he can get into them. 
Everyday brings a new adventure and Aaron and I are loving every minute! 

And I can't have a post without a picture! 

In his first camo outfit! :) All ready to go hunting with Daddy! :)


Jami Berry said...

So true. Isn't it amazing how someone so small can totally change you?


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