Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's A Great Time to Be A Sperry

It's already been a bust year for the Sperry family, and it's only May! Between babies ;), mission homecoming, engagements, wedding and graduations. Also this year there will be a baptism.

First, Stieven, Vance's oldest and only son, came home from his mission, got engaged and was married!

Stieven and Cecilia, February 24

Vance's kids
Next, J'neen (Vances' oldest) and Mauro, were engaged and married!

J'neen and Mauro, April 27

All of the kids again, oldest to youngest
We weren't able to go to Stieven's wedding, it was back east. But we were able to go to J'neen's, it was here in Utah. 

Mauro dancing with Kaye

Also, Jereme (Rod and Lyndee's oldest) asked his girlfriend, Hannah to marry him. They will be married this year, last summer/fall?

Among all of the weddings, we also have a graduate this year. Nicholas, (Nathan and Melissa's) is graduating from Copper Hills High School this year!

And Kyler, (Quinn and Julianne's oldest) is turning 8 and will be baptized! 

I'm sure there is still so much to come! It's definitely an exciting time to be a Sperry!

I guess I should explain the family. Ron and Kaye have 6 boys. Vance, Rod (Lyndee), Nathan (Melissa), Trent (Wendy), Aaron (ME!) and Quinn (Julianne). 



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