Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Story Keeps Getting Better :)

I am feeling very overwhelmed. Today I am exactly 7 weeks, and we had our first ultrasound. The first thing Dr. Blauer says is: "There's 2, what did we do!?!" All I could say is "WHAT?!" and I started to cry. That's when Aaron walked in. (I think I scared him) I told him it was twins and he just beamed! 

Already they are so different from each other.

This is baby number 1. Looks like a little baby, and strong heartbeat!

This is baby number 2. Much smaller, and a smaller heartbeat, but a strong one!
I really couldn't be happier. I am still very much in shock and am aware that so much can still happen. But I have my amazing family and the gospel to get me though this. My dear cousin Jen told me this, "Heavenly Father knows what He is doing!!!! He keeps you wanting only to double gift you!"


Melinda said...

Charlene, Twins!!! Thats so exciting! Congrats! I'm so happy for you and Aaron :o)


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