Thursday, February 06, 2014

January Pics!

My New Years resolution is to take more least one a day!!!! So each month I will post a whole bunch of pictures as once, instead of a huge overload in December!!!

In January we (in no particular order):

Ate a lot of Mac and Cheese!

Did a lot of running away from Mom!

Spent a lot of time in the dog bed!

Ate more Mac and Cheese!

Spent a lot of time changing this girls clothes!!!

We had lots of fun playing with Daddy!!

We spent a lot of time eating chips and making messes!

Lots of blurry pictures because my kids move so much!

Spent a lot of time eating in general!

Spent a lot of time in our "feels good" jammies!

We learned to play together!!! 

And of course we wear our hats backwards!

I love TV in our house :/

Vanessa's favorite place...her high chair!!!

The only way we could take a picture that day!!! 

Spent a lot of time with our best friend...Cooper! (In matching jammies too!)

Had our first Oreo!!!

Had our first bad hair day!!!

Enjoyed playing with the dishes!!

Made new friends!

Still play together!

Got a really big box to color all over!

Read with Poppy

His green hat finally fits!!

Shared our box with our best friend!

Mom sorted all the kids clothes!!! (3 day project!!!)

Played with our new friends a lot!

Used Vanessa to wake up Sam...more than once!!!

Got a hair cut!

Ate cereal, in a plate, with a spoon and knife and with cheese!

Watched Thomas with our best friend!

Learned patterns! (At age 2!!!!)

Read with our friends

Played with Uncle Rew

Watched it snow from the window!

Enjoyed LOTS of Go-Gurt!

Got a birthday pedicure!!! (Color was birthday babe!)

Brushed our teeth while wearing two shirts!

Stole Sam's nuggets!

Read to our little sister!

We had a great January!!! We sure love our life!!!! :)



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