Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving

I love Canadian Thanksgiving! Who wouldn't!? Another Thanksgiving meal!?!?! Heck YA!

We have made Canadian Thanksgiving In-Law and "adopted" family members Thanksgiving. It has been so much fun.  This year Aaron's parents and Elisha's parents and Grandma came. Nolan, Ryan and Jake, Chante and Xander all came too. And my parents friends the Everett's came, but I forgot to take pictures after we ate.

Elisha with her Mom and Grandma
Tricia, Xan and Chante

  Bryant and his Father-In-Law
 Nolan, Jake and Ryan

                                             Me and my Sisters :)
                                              My In-Laws

This was also my first Canadian Thanksgiving as a Canadian!!!! 


Elisha said...

Thanks for remembering your camera, I'm totally going to steal some of these for my blog!

criste said...

I am so jealous that you're a Canadian! It looks like you all had fun celebrating! :)


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