Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dinner's Served!

This weeks dinner came out of 29 minutes to dinner, from The Pampered Chef. (Best cookbook ever!) I made Monday night's dinner again on Saturday and was able to take a picture. It was my first dinner without following a recipe! (Not original though, I got the idea from Noodles)
Monday: Parmesan breaded chicken with buttered noodles
Tuesday: Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Wednesday: Brown Butter Tortellini with Spinach and Ham
Thursday: Glazed Chicken with Apple Salad
Friday: Korean-Style Beef Bowl

We enjoyed them all! And I am finding that I am not a bad cook! :) We always love the chicken with the apple salad. And the lettuce wraps were AWESOME! I should have taken a picture with it opened...sorry! Which ever is most asked about, I will post the recipe. Hope you all enjoy! :)


Jen said...

Yeah I gotta ask about the chicken and apple salad. That looks yummy!

Jenni said...

Oh my heck they all look so yummy!! I think that the Thai Chicken Wraps is what I want to learn to do! But I'd take any recipe, becuase they all looked fabulous!

DianaCotner said...

WOW! That all looks very good! Great job! I wish I could be more talented in the kitchen, I just find I don't have the time to... :(

Dianna said...

I am thoroughly impressed! I am glad to hear you are doing well!


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