Sunday, January 20, 2013

Elder Brown

I can't believe Andrew is old enough to go on a mission!!! And then he was so back and forth on going, and 4 months ago he would have told you 'No way!" We are so proud of his decision to go. He will be serving his mission in Everett, Washington. He is in the MTC for about another week and a half.  

The night before he left...Right after being set apart as a missionary :)

The next day: He didn't have to be at the MTC till 12:30, so we all went to lunch in Provo, at Goodwood. (Minus Aaron, who had to work) 

With Uncle "Rew" for the last time for the next two years.

Andrew is setting such a good example for my kids! :)

Between the two pictures there's a good one there!

Vanessa was sound asleep, and we didn't want to wake her. When he gets home, she'll have changed the most!

Life is funny. I didn't see him everyday, or even talk to him everyday, but now that I can't I really want too! Thanks to I can write him everyday, but I don't hear back everyday. And once he's in Washington, he won't get them everyday. But he needs to focus on the Lord's work. I miss him terribly, but I know he's doing the right thing and I am so proud. Also, these kids keep me busy, so I'm sure the time will fly.



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