Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

We had a small, quiet Christmas this year. Our gift to each other was another baby...and we couldn't think of a better gift!! (We are loving being parents!!!) 

Sam and Juliet were the show and so much fun to watch!

Nana and Poppy gave Sam a drum set!!! 

Sam and Jules wanted to play with each others toys. (Nana and Poppy got Jules a piano)

Sam got a Buzz car from Bryant and Elisha.

We had fun watching the kids play with their new toys and each other. Aaron and I got a gift card to Babies R Us to get a double stroller!!! (When we went, the one we wanted was normal the price of our gift card, but was $45 off, so we were able to get a booster seat for the dinning room table and a bunch of sippy cups!!!)
We had a great holiday season and 2012 was wonderful to us!! Here's hoping the same for 2013!!! :)



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