Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby Shower for Vanessa

My sweet cousin Ruth threw a baby shower for Vanessa and me. She did a great job and knows how to throw a party!!! :) Vanessa got some really cute clothes, and much needed blankets. 

Emily Costner made this amazing dress for Vanessa. I absolutely love it and almost cried when I opened the wrapping paper!

These pictures don't even do it justice! It's made from vintage lace.

Ruth went all out! Ruth and her brother Steve, made all the food. Ruth even made the decorations. The best part about them...they are for her room! I LOVE THEM!!!! She made 2 awesome banners. A cute 'plain' one and then one with her name! (I had to squish it together to get it all in the picture, but it's pretty big!) 

It was a great day, surround with people who mean lot to me and I love!!! Again, I am feeling overwhelmed with how much love I feel for me and my baby. I've overwhelmed with my love from Heavenly Father sending me another little miracle so soon!!! I am loving the way my life is turning out!!! 



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