Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9 months...ok maybe 9 1/2 months

Our printer is being funny, so I haven't been able to print a 9 month sign. And since Canada, my camera just hasn't been working right. (And, I am super tired!) Excuses, Excuses!!! I know!

Our sweet baby is 9 month old!! He had a great 9 month 'birthday'. We got our family pictures, went to lunch, went shopping and went to the zoo. (I've already blogged about our fun day)

Sam is a big kid! He eats everything!!! No food is safe from this kid! He is a busy boy, if you can't tell by the pictures. He is a super crawler, and can pull himself up on the furniture and walk around the room using the furniture. He is in to everything and is quickly learning what the word no means :) He finally likes bath time...thank heavens!!! He has 4 teeth, the two front bottom, and the two front top. He is currently working on a 5th. 

Here are the stats: 
Head: 18.2 (75%)
Height: 29.1 (75%)
Weight: 23.14 (95%)



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