Sunday, July 08, 2012


Life isn't always perfect, as you all know. I love being a Mom, and Sam is really a great kid. (I think it's because we are doing a good job...maybe?) But, Sam is also very normal. Guess what! He even cries sometimes...shocking, I know. (At one of my doctor's appointment, a doctor told me I had the only kid that cries...then laughed at himself!) Sam does not like being tired...just like his Mommy, and gets cranky when over tired, just like his Mommy! The biggest problem we've had with him is bath time. He HATES it. He cries, and screams though the whole thing. I've even talked with his doctor about it and asked what we could do. All that was really suggested was to keep doing it. We've tried different tubs, toys and even the bumbo. I will admit that because of it, I don't bathe him very much. A couple of times a week, I will wash him with a damp cloth, which he does love, but I won't actually put him in the tub. The idea came to me, that maybe he doesn't feel secure enough. (You know...slippery when wet) So last night Aaron got in with him while I washed. He still wasn't sure, but not more tears! (Pun intended!) Still not perfect, but 1,000 times better! 



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