Monday, July 30, 2012

7 Months Old

I can't believe I'm blogging about Sam being 7 months...didn't I just blog about 6 months?!?! Time is going way too fast! But he is so much fun to watch grow and learn. 

This kid is a ham and loves getting his picture taken!

Everything still goes in the mouth!

His hands and feet are huge!

Sam is such a funny kid. He already will continue to do something if it makes you laugh. He loves to growl and in Canada he learned to be loud. He loves to shake his head back and forth. He is weeks away from crawling! He wants to be mobile so bad!!! (And we will be in so much trouble when he is!) He is eating so well, and his favorite is still squash. He will still eat anything I give him, but doesn't seem to care for the green foods. He eats green beans really slow and gags on peas. (But he will eat them) He won't eat baby food if he is starving, because he fills up faster with formula. He also won't eat baby food if he is 'busy' because it takes too long for him. He is wearing 9-12 months tops and 18 months bottoms! His favorite toys are Wii controler covers, a zebra rubber duckie, balls, and my belly :) The other day, I was lying on the bed and he was sitting next to me. He was playing with some toys, when he stopped, looked at me, growled and attacked my belly! Vanessa then started to move and kick like crazy! It made me laugh, so Sam kept doing it and Vanessa kept reacting the same way. They already play and love each other! My belly was soaking wet and is one of my favorite Mom moments! :)


Laurra said...

haha I love that youhad to put the sign somewhere he couldn't reach so he wouldn't stick it in his mouth haha


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