Monday, April 09, 2012

Sam's First Easter

We had a great Easter weekend. And the nice weather really helped! Saturday we did some shopping for yard stuff. Then Nana watched Sam, while Aaron and I went to see The Hunger Games. 

For the first time since being married, the Easter Bunny came to visit us! (Well, Sam!) And he had a basket from the Nana Bunny!

Sam was so happy Sunday morning! It was like he knew there were presents for him!

The gifts were all things he needed. In the bottom of the basket, taking up most of the space is a big, soft, soccer ball. There were links, a ball with holes so he can grip it, wrist rattles, socks and a spring outfit and last but not least, another soft blanket so when mommy washes one, he still has another one! Nana's basket had another outfit for summer and tigger.

After church, we went to my Grandma Brown's for Easter dinner.

All the cousins dividing all the eggs, which were filled with quarters from Grandma! :)

After peeing all over his Easter outfit, he needed to change. We brought this shirt since my Uncle Rob is a Marine! This shirt was in one of the eBay lots of clothes I bought, and it wasn't in the picture, so we were pretty excited!

Sam with Uncle Rob

After Grandma Brown's, we went to the Sperry's Easter dinner. Totally forgot to pull out the camera! :( They had a fire going and were roasting s'mores when we got there. We talked outside for a bit and then it started getting cold, so the party was moved inside. Almost everyone left, except for J'neen and Marc, so we stayed a bit and talked with them and Mom and Dad. It was a nice quite way to end the day. Sam went to bed early, it was a busy day for him!



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