Saturday, March 10, 2012


It only took us 3 months (plus the 5 while pregnant and living here) to finish the nursery! After getting our tax return, and Sam hitting his hand on the cradle so hard it woke him up...TWICE in one day, we realized we had to finish his room and move him over. (Tonight will be the first night and it day light savings...what was I thinking!) My mom was more than will to take care of Sam while we went shopping and built everything!

Eventually I will get more curtains for the closet...I think it looks better than doors!

I will probably be sleeping in the glider tonight!

He loves his room already! He has already had a great nap in the crib and is loving hanging out in the crib! He is in there now talking away and checking everything out! :)


Laurra said...

It looks fantastic! Did you paint those walls? I love it!


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