Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 Months Old

Sam is now 2 months old! He is growing like crazy!!! Yesterday was his 2 month check up. His weight is 12.13 lbs. Height 23.4 inches and his head is 15.2. He is perfect! His doctor just loves him and can't get enough. She gave me the best compliment. She told Sam that his mommy sure knows him. I know what every action and sound means. As far as the throwing up, the doctor isn't worried because of how much he weighs and how happy he his and is pretty sure it's reflex. She game me some samples of Enfamil A.R. and he seems to be holding it down. He has rice starch in it, so it thickens when it reaches stomach acid. It is a little thicker so he takes longer to eat it, but is eating less per sitting because it's thicker. Here are some adorable pictures of our growing child!

He smiles all the time now and has the cutest little giggle!

He gets so excited to see puppers!

Tired of taking pictures by now!

Reasons he's like Daddy!         
He makes the same noises in his sleep
He LOVES to eat
He laughs a lot
Even though Aaron isn't much of a cuddlier now, he was as a baby...Sam loves to cuddle!

Reason's he's like Mommy!
He loves to talk
He sleeps really well, and though noises
He likes to sleep with a hand on his face (usually covering an eye)
As a baby, I loved just being in my diaper, so does Sam!

Some of his favorite things!
He loves his teddy bear from Ryan
He loves his cradle
Loves 'motor boat' (A game I play with his legs)
Bath time (50% of the time!)
Tummy time

He is such a good baby and we couldn't be more blessed!



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