Monday, July 25, 2011

What's in a name?

Next Monday we should find out what our little miracle is!!! (As long as the baby will show us!) We can't wait!!!! We have been asked a lot if we have a name picked out. And if you know me, then you know I do! I know that a lot of people don't say what names they are thinking of and wait to "reveal" the name when the baby is here. But that's not me! :) 

If it's a boy: Samuel Aaron 
We've had this name picked out since our honeymoon! I feel in love with the name Samuel when I meet Samuel Stringham. (He is the son of my Dad's cousin and his wife John and Jen) And I always knew that my first son would have his Dad's first name as his middle name.

If it's a girl: We will have to meet her! But we have 3 names picked out!
1st: Vanessa Joy
I always thought it was kind of wired when someone was named after a famous person. But find myself in the same spot. Vanessa Carlton is my favorite singer/musician. Not only can she sing, but she plays the piano in all of her songs and she has written all of her songs on 4 CD's! Now Joy actually is for my Nanny, Joyce, we just shortened it. I love my Nanny and wish I could see her more!

2nd: KimberLee Anne
My Mom has a cousin named Kimberly Anne, and I've always loved her. I would call her Kimberly Anne Allison Wonderland. (No one knows where I got that from!) It is very much a family name on my Mom's side. But I changed the spelling. Lee is a family name on my Dad's side. My Grandpa's middle name was Lee, my Aunt Maria's middle name is Lee and her daughters name is EmmaLee. 

3rd: Allison Patricia
Allison Patricia was my name for most of my Mom's pregnancy and even when I was born. I didn't respond, my mom said Charlene and I turned and smiled, she said I picked my own name. Being pregnant made me think about names, and I thought, what if my Mom had the right name, but the wrong baby! (Her name is  Patricia) 


Patsy said...

You used to call her "Kimberley Ann Morrison Wonderland". Secretly I think she loved it!

Aaron & Charlene said...

I meant Morrison...I was thinking faster than I was typing! :)

Jen said...

Names are so important...sometime I will tell yo about changing Katie's name when she was 3 months old. It was awful! And Sam is so excited! He has a namesake!


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