Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally...A Haircut!

 So we got Zeus a while ago, but we he was sick for a bit and need updated shots before we could get him groomed. And then we didn't have money for it. Aaron got a bigger check and I had a $10 coupon! It was finally time!!! 

Before :(

After!!! Now he looks like we care! :) He is so much smaller than we realized. Tricia came with me to pick him up, and when they brought him out, at the same time we both said, "Is that Zeus!?!" Getting a haircut is a lot of work for a dog, so he slept most of the day cuddled on my lap. I am having to work on separating him from me. He is super attached. He loves people, but doesn't want to be with them for long before he comes begging for me. He loves to sit on my lap which is getting harder for him, so he sits on my belly now! ;) 



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