Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year we went over to Bryant and Elisha's for some pumpkin carving. We started off by eating pizza and watching Hocus Pocus. Once we all had eaten, and Tricia had eaten 3 times we started carving pumpkins.

Mine, Tricia's, Aaron's, Elisha's and Bryant's

Mine up close

Aaron's up close

We didn't dress up at all this year. However, we did find the perfect costume for John! (He looks like he hates clothes, but honestly he LOVES clothes!)

For those of you who know John, know that he snorts A LOT! We call him a pig all the time! So when we found this pig costumes we just had to get it for him! He really does love it! (He needed to go potty when we took these pictures.)


DianaCotner said...

That's a cute piggy! You look good in your carving picture!


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