Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Campout 2010

This year out camp out was August 12-15. We went to Current Creek and had a much more enjoyable time! :) It was such a relaxing trip and I think it was much needed by all! :)

There was lots of building, relaxing and playing with the fire!

There was lots of time to enjoy our favorite activities! (My craft will be posted on my craft blog soon and I forgot to take pictures of all the games we played!)

Of course, what camping trip would be complete with out lots and lots of yummy food! :)

All the boys in the family have a machete, but it was Mom and I who enjoyed them the most! We loved going and getting branches for the fire. Also, Mom tipped her first tree this year and liked LOVED it!

And like every year, the little pups come with us! This year, Aaron and I bought a small gate/kennel for them to stay in so we weren't tripping over their leashes. (And I don't like them being tied up) It was a great purchase!

We had a great camp-out and can't wait for next years! I am planning some surprises for the family already! ;)



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