Sunday, January 24, 2010


Warning....Long Blog!!!
For some reason friends have been on my mind lately. I am not the type of person to have a lot of friends. For me it's about quality not quantity. In my life I have had a lot of friends, but have only stayed close with and call a handful to be my "best friend". Now every person I have called friend has meant something to me. (I don't use the word lightly.) But a friends come into your life for a reason, and that reason may be for a long period of time or a short period of time. I want to take some time to highlight and thank my closest friends. (They are in order of when we met.)
Cherilyn and I met in Mrs. Wilson 2nd grade class in 1991. I was the new girl and very nervous. I don't remember a lot from so long ago, but I do remember Cherilyn. How could you not....everyone who meets her remembers her! Cherilyn and I became friends fast! We did projects together, confused teachers with our names and talked about boys. The hardest part about leaving New Jersey was leaving Cher. I have hundreds of stories I could tell you about Cher and I!!! Cherilyn was the only one of my friends to make the trip out to Utah and visit me, and I surprised her in New Jersey. We try so hard to stay in touch, but life happens. We still talk as much as we can and I look forward to the calls, no matter how short. (And I always talk like her for a couple days after we talk!)
I met Dianna in Ledgewood 1st Ward in 1991. She is about a year younger than me, but we were fast friends. The worst sunburn I have ever had, I got from going to the beach with Dianna and her family! But I got to spend the whole week at her house because her Mom felt so bad and didn't want my Mom to know! After moving to Utah, when Dianna graduate she came out here to school at BYU and we picked our friendship right where we left off. Dianna was the Maid of Honor at my wedding and a year later got married on my anniversary! The following year we met up with Dianna and her husband, Dave, in Oahu, Hawaii! (We didn't plan it, we just both happened to plan Hawaii trips for our anniversaries, so we had to meet up!) They are our IHOP buddies! Dianna and Dave came out from Texas and supported us for our sealing.

Yes, another Diana. We met in 9th grade science class! (About 1998) I again was the "new kid" We weren't fast "best" friends, that didn't happen until I moved in the 18th Ward in West Valley. She lived right down the street! Diana and I have been thought a lot together. Boyfriends, heart-ache, and much more. Diana is the one who introduced me to Vanessa Carlton. Diana and I go see every Sandra Bullock movie together as close to the opening date as possible. A lot of what Diana and I have been though, I don't want to blog about. We have been though so much personal stuff together and has made us such strong friends because of it. I couldn't image life without her!

Oh Jake! Most of you know that Jake and I have been best friends since the day we met! Which in and of it's self is a hilarious story! Bryant and I were new to the 18th Ward and didn't really know anyone. We had Youth Conference and when Bryant and I got home Mom and Dad were gone. It was a new house to us and didn't yet have keys, so we started looking for ways to break in. We were on the side of the house when Jake rode by on his bike. He helped us break in. Dad was so mad because we didn't know this kid. Who would have thought that we would be best friends and he would just walk into our house when ever! Jake and I were inseparable all thought high school, where were one was so was the other! I was the one who made Jake sluff for the first time, and every time we sluffed we'd watch Shrek. Jake and I always talked about growing old together and needed hip replacements and oxygen takes, but there was never more than friendship. Because he was a boy, his friendship was very different then my other "best friends", but in a good way. Jake was always there when I needed him and never asked "why". He always has a laugh for me and knows how to make me smile.

Tanya and I meet at Marriott some time in 2007. We didn't become fast friends, but she sure tried. (I was mad that our manager made her sit in the desk next to me because it was my friend PJ's who was on leave of absents) It became her permanent desk and our friendship took off! I have traveled with Tanya more than another friend....which is kind of sad because it was twice! Once to California and then to DC. Tanya and I have so much in common, the joke we have is "Which one's Tanya, which one's Charlene!?!? I don't know!?!?!"

I cherish all of my friends and couldn't imagine my life without them. Now, no friendship is perfect, I have had hard times with each of these friends, but when all is said and done we only become stronger. I wrote about these 5 because, like I said some friends come and go, but some stay with you for ever. I hope and pray that these amazing people will always be my "best friends". I hope that they know that I am always here for them. I also hope for the list t grow and I have more "best friends" come into my life. :)


The Young Women Family said...

That's pretty neat to write about. But I have one question, for the life of me I don't remember those dresses you and Cher are wearing!!!

The Young Women Family said...

Ooops, I'd better sign off the YW account and get back on my own. Sorry, I could have deleted it, but I don't have time to re-type it.

Patsy said...

OK, here I am. It's really me this time. I guess I could have deleted it after all.

Anonymous said...
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Dianna said...

Friends are great! Especially life long ones!
Love ya!

DianaCotner said...

Thank you so much for the post. We have been through a lot but I am so glad we got through it!

Patsy said...

Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver and the other is gold!


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