Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catch-up and Crafts

Since my last posted we haven't been up to a whole lot. New Years we usually just stay home and spending evening together. This year we stopped by mom's to visit with my uncle Steve and cousins John and Jen and their wonderful family. We wish John and Jen lived closer so we can see them more. Jen made us this awesome sign! I just love it! I put it in the kitchen above the matches the sunflowers perfectly! Thanks Jen!!!!
Aaron's brother, Nathan invited us over to play games with him and his family. His wife Melissa and their two boy, Nicholas and Joshua. We had a lot of fun and can't wait to hang out with them again.

We didn't have much money for Christmas this year, so I got crafty and thought of these letters all my self! :) I made the "BROWN" first, one for mom and one for my sister-in-law Elisha. Mom liked her so much she had me make one for our friends the Everett's!

I made this nativity for my mother-in-law. I was going to make her a "SPERRY" name like above, but the "P" doesn't stand! I figure it out though, because I want one! :)

Not much else has happened, I am another year older. I am now 26 and now in my "LATE TWENTIES!!!!" AHHHHH!!!! Where does the time go!?!?! For my birthday we got a Wii and Wii fit, I love it! (We also got Super Mario Brothers!) :)


Jen said...

Ok...I need to know how you made your nativity set. I have been looking for one to make with the kids and this woul be perfect!

I am so glad you like your sign. Not too extravagant, but still heartfelt.

Miss you!

DianaCotner said...

Those are all so cute!! You can totally help me with my creative block. I got COTNER letters for Christmas but don't know how to start with them..... HELP!!


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