Thursday, October 29, 2009

My First Sewing Atempt!

I finally decided to try my hand at sewing! And once I got out the sewing machine, I couldn't stop! I still have A LOT to learn but I have really enjoyed sewing! My first project were slip covers for my couch pillows. It is cheaper to make slip covers then buy new pillows for every holiday. I didn't have a pattern, and I think they turned out great! And with the extra fabric, I made some very simple runners for bookshelves. (Sorry no pictures of the runners)

Then I make some blankets. They were really simple, fleece kits I bought at Joanne's a long time ago, but I was to scared to sew! I loved the way they turned out. I made the blue one for my wonderful mother-in-law and the star one for my cousin, but I am not saying which one yet! :) (I think she knows)

I have started some other projects, but had to stop do to a pinched nerve in my neck which is making my right hand numb. But with the help of my chiropractor I will be sewing, painting, card making, mod-podging, etc. again soon! :)


Jami Berry said...

Those turned out so cute! I recently got my sewing machine out to do one little project and I just keeping coming up with more projects to make. It's so addictive!


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