Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Conference Crafts

I love Conference weekend! Not only for the Spiritual talks and guidance, but because I can craft all day for 2 days! This year, I decided to finish a lot of stuff that I had left unfinished, and I got a lot done!
Some Halloween pumpkins! I have had these for a few years, unpainted...so I painted them and cut out some faces and glued them on! I love the way they turned out...nothing fancy.

Mom bought Tricia this mirror about 2 years ago and asked me to paint it to match her room...which is pink and yellow. Well, I finally got around to it, but I didn't just paint it, I deco-podged it, with pink and yellow papers, and or course some cat paper. She loved it!

This Witch project was started a year ago at a Relief Society night. (It was a bad night, and wasn't allowed to finish my project) So I put it away hoping one day to finish it...I did! I am not sure if this is what it was suppose to look like, but I still think it is cute!

I love buying letters and making up my own stuff. Mom and I were at Roberts back in July and saw some done USA letters, $60 a letter!!!! (My living room is Americana) So I went and found these, unfinished letters ($5 a letter and they were on sale!) and painted them myself. I am not 100% satisfied with the way they turned out...so I put them away for a few days and I will see if I like them, or if I need to fix them! :)

When I was very young...between the ages or 3 to 7....my parents bought me this wooden shelf. Until last weekend, it was just plain wood. My bathroom is light and dark blue with the sun, moon and stars theme. So I painted it dark blue, and stamped it with sun, moon and stars. Then I took a brush and dabbed it with yellow. I love the way it turned out!

And the last one...some more letters I bought. I painted them purple, and deco-podged them with Halloween paper! (This one seems to be Aaron's favorite!)
I love crafting! Hope I gave you some ideas to start your own craft projects!


Nick and Jesse Coleman said...

Cool projects--they turned out great! I love crafting, too :)

DianaCotner said...

All of those are so cute! You are so talented! I'm just going to have to hire you to make me crafts so I look a as crafty as you at my new house....

Patsy said...

They look awesome. Good job!

Jami Berry said...

What cute projects! You're so crafty!


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